COVID 19 Resources
Site for the person that has COVID-like Symptoms
Testing Sites: County sites are free, and the other sites may be covered by your insurance, please check first. – if symptomatic or several days after known exposure. 

Call 2-1-1 for community resources: food, transportation, health, etc.
Site that shows California State Metrics
Site for the Fresno County Department of Public Health

The following link for educational videos on hygiene were developed by the National Association of School Nurses (NASN).  They are provided for school nurses as they return-to-school during COVID-19. The three videos are titled Washing Your HandsWearing Cloth Face Coverings, and Staying Home When you are Sick.  There are English versions and Spanish versions.

Entrance, Egress and Movement within the School

Students, staff and essential visitors are asked to conduct a self-health screening daily before leaving home and departing for school or work. If student/employee/essential visitor answers “yes” to any of the listed health screening questions, the individual should stay home and not go to school/work.

Practice proper hand hygiene when leaving home, arriving at school/work and throughout the day.

Buses will be disinfected pre and post trip. Students are asked to honor physical distancing at bus stops, space out on buses, keep the middle seat open (one-third of bus capacity unused) and students and driver are required to wear a face mask. Proper hand hygiene is encouraged
before and after riding a bus. To support contact tracing efforts, if a student is medically exempt from wearing a mask, six feet of distance will be required.

  • To reduce transportation demand, we encourage parents who can to transport their student or consider walking them to school.
  • Fresno Unified is working with its partners at First Student Transportation to ensure the needs of our students with disabilities are safely met.

Based on state guidelines, masks are required for anyone over 2 years old entering a district facility, including school campus, district office or construction area. Masks will be provided to students and employees upon their return to campus.

Focused on safety measures, schools and district offices have evaluated entry and exit pathways and made changes to arrival and departure areas based on previous site conditions and procedures. Sites will communicate changes to parents and students prior to returning to campus and reinforce daily as students and staff transition to new patterns.

Students, staff and essential visitors should expect new safety measures in the front offices, hallways, lunchrooms, restrooms and other parts of the school/district offices to minimize the number of those gathering and reinforce physical distancing.

Students, staff and essential visitors are asked to practice physical distancing of six feet. Safety practices will be reinforced in district buildings using posters, floor decals, shifts in traffic flow and daily announcements.

Based on state guidelines, students, staff and essential visitors over 2 years old are required to wear masks throughout the day while on campus and in district facilities. Masks will be provided to students and employees upon their return to campus

Based on student populations and layouts, sites may alter class and meal periods, including recess and passing times, to reinforce physical distancing, providing time for additional hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting. Sites will communicate this directly to its school community.

To accommodate meal periods, sites may use outdoor eating spaces, access alternative indoor eating spaces such as libraries, computer labs, and classrooms and/or increase the number of lunch periods so that fewer students are in the cafeteria and physical distancing guidelines are supported.

While water fountains will be available, students are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles. Filtered water bottle filling stations are available at all school sites.

Practicing proper hand hygiene throughout the day is encouraged, including when entering and exiting class, libraries and cafeterias, and after recess and physical education. Sites will identify ways to reduce sharing of toys, materials and equipment. Many classrooms have sinks that will serve as hand washing stations. Where sinks are not as accessible, hand sanitizer, bathrooms and portable hand washing stations should be used.

Recess and physical education are expected to continue with modifications to reinforce physical distancing. Frequent hand hygiene practices should be followed while also keeping students in like groups in the event contact
tracing becomes necessary.

  • PE teachers are focusing on activities that reduce high touch equipment
  • Equipment that is used will be cleaned prior to and after play
  • Reinforcing hand hygiene before and after activity
  • Equipment can be kept with the same class for daily use

Due to health concerns, choir and music classes will look different. Fresno Unified will follow the direction of the state and county in phasing back in these activities.

Much like arrival patterns, sites have evaluated their departure and dismissal practices. To reinforce physical distancing, smooth traffic flow and reduce non-essential visitors, schools may stagger dismissal times or pick up areas, based on specific needs.

Sites will communicate these changes directly to their school communities.

If a student shows symptom of COVID-19 during the school day, the student will be evaluated by the health professional, isolated if necessary and parents called to immediately pick up their student. Child will remain in a mask while in isolation. School health professional will notify parents as to the pick-up process and location. If a student/employee is suspected as having COVID-19, they should contact their health care provider for guidance before returning to school or work.

Physical Distancing and Essential Protective Gear

• Access to hand hygiene
• 6 feet distancing layout
• Open doors if possible
• Disinfect shared items between use

• Access to hand hygiene
• Masks may be removed while eating
• 6 feet distancing

• Meetings should remain virtual
• 6 feet distancing
• Masks

• Access to hand hygiene
• No visitors
• No outside restroom access
• Masks
• 6 feet distancing
• Other criteria based on school nurse direction

• Access to hand hygiene
• 6 feet distancing layout
• Open doors if possible
• Disinfect tables between use
• Added lunch periods
• Outdoor/alternative eating spaces

• Access to hand hygiene
• Masks
• 6 feet distancing
• Minimize time

Masks help stop the spread of COVID-19 to others. Face coverings will be required for everyone over the age of 2. Individuals with medical conditions can work with their school nurse, supervisor or Human Resources if they are exempt. Additional information may be requested.

If individuals come onto campus without a mask, one will be provided. Face shields are available, but do not replace the use of masks. Masks include:

  • Disposable masks
  • Cloth masks (five) for every student and staff member
  • Specialty masks (N95) for district health staff and credentialed school nurses who support medical procedures
  • Clear masks for special education deaf and

hard of hearing (DHH) staff and students Specialized areas will be provided with personal/essential protective equipment to reduce the risk for COVID-19.

Our Plan for Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Routine cleaning will happen daily by the site custodian using EPA approved disinfectants (chairs, tables, doorknobs, handles, uncluttered flat surfaces, keyboards, light switches/buttons, phones, sinks and anything with a classroom or designated areas that would be considered a high touch point)
  • Foggers are available and will be used as needed
  • Limit use of shared items, such as electronic devices, supplies, etc.
  • Staff should clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces during the day
  • Buses will be cleaned pre-trip/post-trip (flat surfaces including glass, seats, panels, handles and handrails)
  • On demand cleaning and disinfection will occur as needed due to COVID-19 exposure and will be coordinated by COVID-19 Action Team (CAT), Communications and Maintenance/Operations leadership.

Fresno Unified is ensuring that proper preventive maintenance is being performed on all heating and air conditioning units and is changing filters on a regular basis. Systems maximize the influence of filtered outside air into the HVAC system to cycle air out of enclosed space and replace it with fresh air.

Practicing hand hygiene is a simple yet effective way to prevent COVID-19. All students, staff, families and essential visitors will have access to soap and water.
If soap and water are not readily available, access to hand sanitizer (with more than 60% alcohol content) will be made available.

When to wash your hands

  • Before, during and after preparing food
  • Before eating food
  • Before and after caring for someone
  • After using the toilet
  • After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • After you have been in a public place and touched an item or surface that may be frequently touched by other people
  • Before touching your eyes, nose, or mouth because that’s how germs enter our bodies

Health Screening for Student and Staff

Prior to coming onto campus, everyone will do their part and use our daily self-health screening tool. Individuals who do not clear will remain home.

Students/staff who have any COVID-19 like symptoms may be asked to isolate for at least 10 days. They may return sooner if: 1) symptoms resolved 2) one day without fever or use of medication. Based on FCDPH guidance, we will not be accepting medical notes to reduce the 10 days of isolation. A negative test result may be accepted as long as 1 and 2 above are true.

Household students may be asked to quarantine for at least 14-24 days. Household contacts may return if index case tests negative for COVID AND household contacts have been asymptomatic for at least one day without the use of medication.

Please note, symptoms DO NOT always mean COVID-19, so to reduce rumors and unnecessary concern with classmates/ coworkers, we encourage parents, students and employees to keep their personal health conditions confidential until symptoms have been confirmed by medical testing and/or medical professionals.

Contact Tracing

Health Services COVID-19 Action Team (CAT) works with Human Resources, school administrators, Health Department, Health Services staff, Communications, students, staff and families to ensure that we are doing our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


School administrators, administrative support and Health Services staff will report any suspected or confirmed cases to Health Services using the confidential district form. The form can be found on the Fresno Unified staff portal and goes directly to Health Services for contact tracing to begin.


CAT will make contact with suspected individual and will provide resources and communicate next steps to school site and individual.


Following Fresno County Department of Public Health guidance and in alignment with FCDPH scenario guidance, CAT will collaborate with school site and individual to ensure that there is appropriate clearance for returning to school/ work.

Close Contact Notification

CAT will ensure that close contacts are notified, disinfection is coordinated for any recent positive cases.

  • Students with temperature of 100 ° Fahrenheit or higher or any COVID-19 like symptoms will be sent home. Household members may be asked to isolate also.
  • We recommend that families work closely with their medical providers.
  • Health Services will work with student/family for appropriate next steps and clearance.
  • Students temperature may be taken upon return.
  • No-touch thermometers will be utilized at school as needed.
  • Please note, symptoms DO NOT always mean COVID-19, so to reduce rumors and unnecessary concern with classmates/ coworkers, we encourage parents, students and employees to keep their personal health conditions confidential until symptoms have been confirmed by medical testing and/or medical professionals.

School staff are essential workers, and staff includes teachers, Online Learning para-professionals, food service, custodians, bus drivers, or any other school employee who may have contact with students or other staff. School staff will be tested periodically for COVID-19, as testing capacity permits and as practicable. Based on FCDPH guidelines, 10% of district staff who have contact with students may be periodically tested.

Close contacts will be notified directly by Health Services while classrooms and school communities will be notified by letter and/or phone message home to as appropriate.


  • ALL Close Contacts will be notified for CONFIRMED positive COVID-19 known exposures on campus.
  • Classroom notified for two or more confirmed COVID positive cases in a classroom within 14 days.
  • School Community notified for three or more confirmed COVID positive cases on the school campus within 14 days.
  1. Students and Staff who do not clear on self-health screening will notify their school site/department
    1. School site/department will notify COVID-19 Action Team (CAT)
  2. Students and Staff who become ill during the day will be sent home
    1. School site/department will notify COVID-19 Action Team (CAT)
  3. CAT will make contact with individuals and will provide next steps, including clearance dates
    1. Staff who are sent / remain home ill, should NOT return to work until they are cleared by their Supervisor/CAT
    2. Students who are sent / remain home ill, should NOT return to school until they are cleared by CAT

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